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TURKU In Concert for Two Nights!

Performing "300 Year Old Rock & Roll from the Cradle of Civilization" TURKU's saz, bass and layered percussion are the raw energy in their music. Farzad Farhangi's soaring, yet contemplative violin is the burning nuance swirling above that sea of churning rhythm.

TURKU formed in Columbia, SC in 1996, released its first album, "Alleys of Istanbul" in 1998, followed by "Nomads of the Silk Road" in 2000, and "Ozlem" in 2004." TURKU is working on its fourth album. TURKU has performed for audiences as large as 25,000 from San Francisco to New York City to Samarkand, Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

TURKU, Nomads of the Silk Road will perform vibrant selections from their past and upcoming recordings, featuring music from Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, Azeri, and neighboring cultures in a 2-night engagement at Conundrum Music Hall in West Columbia, South Carolina on September 19 & 20.

Friday & Saturday, September 19 & 20, 2014
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)
$10 in advance RIGHT HERE / $12 at the door

A Day of Peace: Songs, Prose, and Prayers

In conjunction with the United Nations' annual International Day of Peace -- September 21 -- there will be music, songs, poetry, readings, and silent and spoken prayers for peace.

Come to share in the love and fellowship, with new and old friends, as we sing and speak and pray for peace among all peoples. Not only between nations, but in our homes, at work, in our schools and on our streets .... throughout our daily lives.

Musicians, poets, writers, clerics, people of all cultures and ethnicities and religious persuasions, are invited to participate.

A donation of $3.00 or more, from all, including those who share their talent, is requested, to help pay for the facility and its staff. Collections after that will be donated to the United Nations-affiliated non-profit organization, Pathways to Peace. Musicians/Poets/Readers wanted -- please contact Jean Ray Williams, via PM, to be added to the program.

Sunday, September 21 2014
5pm (doors at 4:30pm)

Alex's Magical Birthday Music Party

Tuesday, September 23 2014

Miles to Go
Passing Worth

Columbia Drum Mafia #13 anniversary party/Jam

Well guys, its been one year since our very first Drum jam. This is our 13th meeting. very excited to have a party 7-9 then drum jam 9-12.Sponsored by Columbia Arts Academy and the Lexington School of Music.

Wednesday, September 24 2014

Stereofly Presents...John The Revelator + Brian Timmons + Danny Joe Machado + Greg Slattery

Come to Conundrum Music Hall to see hear some good times. Featuring solo sets from Greg Slattery of Shallow Palace, Danny Joe Machado (solo), Brian Timmons of fk mt. and John the Revelator (solo project of Jake Garrett).

An alien abduction follows.

Thursday, September 25 2014
8:00pm (doors at 7:30pm)


What is Beauty Slap?

It is electronic music.
It is five horns, a saxaphone, and a guitar.
It is beautiful. And it slaps.

Friday, September 26 2014
10pm (doors at 9:30pm)
$10 at the door or RIGHT HERE

presented by the USC School of Music and bigSphinx Productions

Projexorcism ~~~ Occupants

Spawned in 1999, Projexorcism was begun when Ed Cooper acquired two Bell & Howell 2592 auto-shred projectors and 200 educational films. By 2003 Projexorcism had defined a unique flavor of experimental hyperactive expanded cinema & has since been pushing the boundaries of weirdness. Currently Projexorcism is using a quad 16mm projector array suspended from a lighting pole - the projectors are synchronized with a 4- channel sound-actuated variable speed lighting controller. The projected images are split, inverted and bent using silver reflective CD-R's and Fresnel lenses. In May 2005 the Catawba Council for the Arts awarded Projexorcism an Innovative Project Grant to add a Film-to-Video Regurgitation Array to their quad 16mm setup. Unbound from the linearity of film, the 16mm setup is now augmented with real-time video capture, manipulation & projection devices.

The film is manipulated using various techniques to create new contradictory action sequences and dialogue. Films are chosen to reflect relevant, irreverent or nonsensical themes --- black history, presidents, Gila monsters. Film often breaks or passes through the projection gate in a manner inconsistent with film preservation, much to the dismay of Jedi film preservationists. The kinetic swinging and shaking of the film tree will warp reels and melt film - CDs fall to the ground - the shriek of optical sound feedback as dust clogs the sound bulb - the randomly choreographed accidents of brilliance & stupidity --- a space armada of keyboards scoring a photonic overture. Projexorcism is joined by a rotating cast of musicians which have included Jacob Lunow, Tom Devlin, Faze Exile, Richard Jeffries, Chad Davis, Ben Teeter, Steve Burnette, Joe Sample and Rick Gallagher. Projexorcism has projected in collaboration with US Christmas, Acid Mothers Temple, Rommanis Motte, The Steve Mackay Ensemble, Feralcatscan, Temple of Bon Matin, Khate, Hellblinki, Weedeater, Sikhara & more.

Occupants is a newborn free improv noise/jazz combo consisting of Gabe Madden (trumpet, guitar), Michael Crawford (drums), and Tom Law (analog synth, sound manipulations).

Saturday, September 27 2014
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

a bigSphinx Productions production

Filthy Six ~~~
Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul

The Filthy Six are the most exciting, authentic Soul Jazz outfit in the UK today and have established themselves as one of the most electric live acts around. Their soaring horns, blistering guitar and gut-wrenching Hammond are fuelled by one of the hardest-grooving rhythm sections around producing a hip-shakingly powerful mixture of jazz, funk and boogaloo totally in keeping with the finest traditions of the Blue Note sound. Led by trumpeter Nick Etwell (Tom Jones, Beck, Mumford & Sons) this crack unit of erudite musical gunslingers have graced the bands of some of the hottest names in music including Amy Winehouse, Jack White, Dionne Warwick, Jill Scott, David Axelrod, Duran Duran, Pee Wee Ellis, Ronnie Spector, The Allman Brothers, Mark Ronson, The Atomic Bomb Band, Madness and the James Taylor Quartet to name a few.

After the fun and frolics of their debut US Tour - a 10 date run of the South - in the Spring, followed by a short hit of the New York area in July, The Filthy Six are heading back down below the Mason-Dixon line to visit their newfound friends once more. This time they are spreading wings a little farther afield to tempt a few South Easterners into some Filthy dancefloor manoeuvres whilst encountering new, as yet unchartered, places and people along the way. The Texas Turnaround Tour, with the support of Stetson USA, starts and finishes in Texas with the boys heading out East all the way to Florida and back taking in Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, the Carolinas and Georgia for a 20 date run that'll eat up more miles than Lance Armstrong on EPO.

The band for this tour features a UK/US alliance of reputed bad-assery including Nick Etwell on Trumpet, Frank Walden (Amy Winehouse/Tom Jones) on Sax, Jerry Haglund (James Taylor Quartet/Claes Jansson) on Guitar, Kevin Scott (Bernard Purdie/Grant Green Jnr) on Bass, Nate Basinger (The Lost Counts/Diplomats of Solid Sound) on Organ and Duane Trucks (Hard Working Americans/Col. Bruce Hampton) on drums. A line up that's as sexy live as it sounds on paper, these instrumental groove merchants fuse boundless energy and incredible musicianship to create tight, funky music that moves the mind, body and soul whilst simultaneously blowing the roof off every venue they play. An absolute must-see for fans of the Soul Jazz/Groove genre and indeed, any fans of good Soul music full stop.

Monday, October 6 2014
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)